Minerva Mozzo
is a startup committed to creating a global career design infrastructure for all children in the world to realize the ultimate educational fairness of career designs.

Explore Exploration
is the mission that exactly represents our spirit. We believe Humanity is designed to seek for the state of being “plus” in other words, happiness, and everyone explores one’s own way to reach to it.  

Minerva Mozzo exists to understand the ways of exploraition and enable anyone to follow such a journey to happiness. Thus, we explore people’s explorations and will allways be with them to work together towards a better world.

Internships and Fellowships

Are you ready to be a member of  Mozzolians?  

 Analytics of Educational Systems
 Back-End Development
 Communication Design
 Content Marketing 
 Design (ALL)
 Front-End Development
 Language Development
 Media Management
 Team Management Design
 Translation (Web, Media)

 Three to Four Months (Internship)
 One Year (Fellowship)

 anywhere is fine!
 if you are not around Tokyo, we work together by slack, asana, video chat
 current undergraduates or graduates
 graduates from a bachelor's, master's or PhD program
 anyone passionate!
 study abroad experience. If not, then convince Fuji! 
 Japanese would be helpful.
 English is Highly Recommended.
 /Spanish/Hindu Needed 

 Work alongside Mozzo employees and contribute as members of the team

1. Check Our Mission And Services!
2. Is Mozzo Exciting And Right For You?
3. Yes! Then Why?
4. How Do You Want To Contribute?
5. Are You Really Sure?
6. For Sure! I Have Time To Make It!
7. Then, Submit Your Resume PDF! 
8. Schedule Interview With CEO! (email at info@mmozzo.co)
9. Enjoy the Talk! Yay!
10. We’ll See! 

We Are Always Looking Forward To Seeing You!